Choose Your Weapon

Before entering the arena you can choose from 2 of our lifelike state of the art weapons, the MP7 or P90.


The MP7 is a German Personal Defence Weapon (PDW) manufactured by Heckler & Koch (H&K) and chambered for the HK 4.6×30mm cartridge. The MP7 went into production in 2001. It is a direct rival to the FN P90.

FN P90

he FN P90, also known as the FN Project 1990, is a personal defense weapon (PDW) designed and manufactured by FN Herstal in Belgium. The P90 was designed as a compact but powerful firearm for vehicle crews, operators of crew-served weapons, support personnel, special forces, and counter-terrorist groups.

Enter The Arena

Our state of the art arena covers 4000sqft and includes 3 combat areas, the warehouse where combat is close quarters and tactical, the shop where you battle amongst the shelves with a viewing area for parents, and the streets where combat is more over longer ranges. 

The arena features music and sound effects as well as lots of places to take cover, reload and keep your head down.

Depending on your session we play lots of different game types.

With families and smaller children you will usually play a free for all (every man/woman for themselves) game or a TDM (team game) where you score points for shooting at others and you dont have to worry about running out of ammo and lives just get the biggest score to win.

On our ultimate shooter session you will play a number of game modes that need more tactics and teamwork. These could include around 100 different games such as rescue the VIP, last one standing, attack and defend amongst others. (we recommend tactical games for over 11s only) 

Whichever game session you choose there is lots to keep everyone entertained, challenged and having a blast at Battlestorm.

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